Customer Notice - Stirling Marathon 29th April

We just wanted to give you an update on events that are taking place on Sunday the 29th of April 18. Many of you will be aware that the Stirling Marathon organised by Great Run is taking place on this date. This is the second year that the Marathon has taken place. It’s a great event for Stirling to host and we are looking forward to seeing the runners in action.

There will be several road closures throughout Stirling so to help plan your journey please go to:

The road closures mean there is an impact to access to the car park at Stirling Sports Village. The Sports Village will still be open as usual, however car parking access will be restricted.

There will be limited access from 5am along Forthside way, however still access to the car park at Stirling Sports Village until 9am. There will be no access or exit to/from the car park until 4pm. Please be aware that there will be no exceptions entering or leaving the car park from 9am – 4pm. So if you park your car in at 8.55am, it will not be able to be moved out until after 4pm.

 Although every effort will take place from the Great Run (the event organisers) and Police Scotland to give access and regress for the car park at 4pm, if they deem it unsafe to do so they may change the times. However this would be in exceptional circumstances and is very unlikely to happen.

Please also check the Great Run page to see alternative car parking options.

If you are anyone you know are running in the day we hope; the sun comes out, the rain stays off and you enjoy the run. Good luck.