Volunteers week 2017
Happy Volunteers week!

To celebrate Volunteer week 2017, Active Stirling would like to give a special thanks to all the volunteers that have helped and supported Active Stirling on a wide range of sport and physical activities programmes and projects throughout the last 12 months.

Volunteer recruitment, support, development and deployment is a key priority for Active Stirling and to help bring volunteers and volunteering opportunities from across the Stirling area. Active Stirling has recently launched a volunteer management system called Volunteer Active Stirling. This system helps to co-ordinate volunteering opportunities from across the community and to engage with young people. If you are interested in volunteering opportunities in sport and physical activities, visit volunteering.activestirling.org.uk
We currently deploy over 400 volunteers each year through the Active Schools network, Stirling walking network and other programmes such as the Active kids holiday programmes and community classes. Volunteers that support the Active School programme range from High School students that are taking part in the Sports Leadership programme within the school to parent volunteers supporting extra-curricular clubs at local schools.

The motivation for many of these younger volunteers is to gain experience within the community to then experience a career within coaching or progress onto College and/or University. Volunteering can give young people some key employability skills such as communication, time keeping, time management and also the ability to work as part of a team. Over the years many young people have started off volunteering in sport and have progressed on to having successful careers within sport, the skills that can be developed from volunteering can give people good foundations in life.

The Stirling walking network project comprises of volunteer lead walks in local communities to increase the health and wellbeing of those who attend the walks.  The walks consist of buggy walks,health walks, dementia friendly and nordic walks all of which are supported by a network of 78 volunteers.

For more information on the walking programme please visit activestirling.org.uk/walking/

Here are some pictures of our volunteers giving up their spare time to support Active Stirling's sport and physical activity programmes

Volunteers and walkers achieving  a Dementia friendly award from  Paths for All as part of the Stirling  walking network
Volunteers and coaches delivering the Active kids Summer programme at The PEAK
Volunteers ready for the Stirling Marathon
Walkers taking part in a daily walk as part of the Stirling walking network programme with Active Stirling's Walking Co-ordinator Tricia Cummings