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  1. Online here
  2. In person at the PEAK reception or using the self service kiosks
  3. By phone on 01786 273555
Terms and conditions apply for all pre-bookings, please ask for more details. 

Fitness Class Timetable

Monday 28 September 2015 - Sunday 10 January  2016

Update on our online booking service for joint members - we are aware that for joint memberships there have been some issues with booking fitness classes and we are working to resolve this. The main concern has been where there is a joint membership the main member sees bookings that have been made by both them and the associated second member and that the main member may cancel a class that they think they're booked into when in fact it's their associated second member who has made that booking.

This means that when the second associated member turns up for their class they find they are not booked in. The second associated member on a joint membership will only see the classes they've booked into whereas the main member will see both and this is where the confusion is caused. While we work to address this glitch in the system we'd just like to ask the main members of joint memberships to check the bookings shown on their account against the user id - that will identify whether the booking is for them or their associated second member. If you're a main member and you're wanting to cancel a class please check your confirmation e-mail for the ID and that will help match up which booking is for which member in the joint membership.

We appreciate this has caused problems but want to reassure all joint members that we are not taking anyone booked into the system out of classes however we do need you to please check the ID matches the class you want to cancel. If you would like further help please e-mail . Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Fitness classes can be included as part of your PEAK ALL IN membership.  Find out more details here.

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